May 6, 2021

Welcome to KAANECT

It's here! We are so excited to announce that our new website is up and running as of today.

You might know us from Journeys Within Tour Company or Wild Frontiers so we wanted to take a minute and introduce you to our new venture: Kaanect

The last year has obviously been an incredibly disruptive time, but it also gave us all space to look at who we wanted to be, and what we wanted to do. Out of that space, Karen Caton (K), April Cole (a) and me, Andrea Ross (a), all came together, added the 'nect' and Kaanect (pronounced CONNECT) was born!

Taking advantage of online learning opportunities during the COVID pandemic, we all came away with certificates in wellness and coaching and we then took a hard look at how we could combine this new skillset with our passion for travel and personal fulfillment.

In the big picture Kaanect is a coaching company based around helping individuals and companies find perspective, purpose and passion. Of course this is easy to say, but when you boil it down, what does that mean?

We think that as we move into the post-COVID era, people are looking to find true connections in their personal and professional lives, and we want to be a catalyst for those connections.

Kaanect brings together four inter-connected services - Travel CoachingSmall Business Consulting, Life Coaching and Idea Generation - all designed to give individuals and companies the space and platform they need to gain new perspectives, find their true purpose and live/travel/work with passion.

Kaanect Travel 

As most of you know us as travel planners, we wanted to go into a bit more detail on what Travel Coaching is. A new concept, we feel that travel coaching is going to be the wave of the future for discerning travelers.

For too long travel agents have booked the hotels that offered the best commission or gave advice on places they didn't really know. We believe that the best trips start with knowing yourself and then designing a trip with a true expert that's based around who you are and your interests, values and passions.

So we've created a new way of planning travel, focusing solely on the traveler, no longer beholden to hotel sales targets. We are offering a menu of travel coaching options because we know that each traveler is different and we want everyone to feel free to use our service as it suits them.

Get connected 

So what can Kaanect do for you, and what can you do for us?

You know us, you know our passion, our integrity and our commitment to our community; so we hope you start to see us not just as travel advisors, but as life and travel coaches!

Do you know someone looking for a life coach or someone in the middle of transition? (And who isn't after the year we've had?!) Please refer them to us for life coaching.

Do you, a family member, or a friend have a small business that could use a ready team that can help with everything from leveraging their contact list to redeveloping their website to creating efficient systems - come to us for our Business Coaching.

And of course, as travelers, do you want to talk about what you want out of travel, where you're heading next, what post-COVID travel looks like, or fully plan a vacation with our experts - connect with us for Travel Coaching.

(While we have created this new approach to travel with travel coaching, we are still the experts at designing and running memorable Southeast Asia tours. We've continued to support our teams in Southeast Asia and we've got a slate of brand-new Southeast Asia sample itineraries designed to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one of the first travelers back to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, once they reopen to international travelers again. We know we're getting ready to book our tickets and be the first ones back to Angkor Wat! Want to join us?)

So this is what we've been up to - going to school, aiming high, thinking big and looking forward to offering a new perspective and helping people live, work and travel with purpose and passion!

All our best,

Andrea, April and Karen



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