May 17, 2021

Preparing to welcome guests back

Travel Exclusive Asia is a dynamic destination management company built by two entrepreneurs with decades of experience, who realized that tours in the region needed a new and different touch. Rowing against the stream, we believe it is all about putting our clients central and in the spotlight. 

In March 2019, when COVID-19 hit us all, we decided it was time to rethink travel in the region and the services we offer. We spent our time conducting a lot of training for our staff and local guides. We embarked on a lot of inspection trips in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and ultimately received the TAT’s “Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration: SHA” certification, which is designed to guarantee clean and safe travel once we are able to operate again for our guests.

We also put a very strong emphasis on sustainability, and have been working with Travelife and Local Happinez on initiatives which we are fast tracking now. 

A year after taking these steps, we are disappointed that most international borders remain closed, but we’re optimistic that soon we will be able to welcome guests back to the countries we serve, guests who will be excited to enjoy a vacation crafted to their own perfect standard. 

When will this happen? The outlook for us seems to be around Quarter 4 of 2021 (October 2021) when we expect travel to begin opening up again step by step. Airlines will hopefully begin adding back routes and countries will begin opening up to each other for quarantine-free travel.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that all of our clients stay safe and well in the meantime.

Travel Exclusive Asia is a boutique destination management company that Kaanect Travel uses when building guest itineraries in Thailand.




-By André van der Marck
Founder and Managing Director of Travel Exclusive Asia

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