December 21, 2021

Cambodia Travel Guide - Entry Requirements Post COVID

Cambodia Entry Requirements
Updated December 21, 2021

Step 1: Apply for your e-visa.

You can apply for your e-visa at this link here:
It currently takes about 3 days to process your e-visa, which will be emailed to you.

Step 2: Get your PCR Test - no more than 72 hours prior to your ARRIVAL in Cambodia.

Your negative PCR results must be provided as a HARD COPY document WITH a Wet Signature and a Stamp - Digital results will NOT be accepted. We recommend getting a print out of your negative PCR results and either having your physician sign and stamp the results, or taking your results to a notary to verify your results with a stamp.

The PCR test result requirements:
• Original hard copy (not photocopy or electronic)
• Printed on Clinic/Testing Facilities/Physicians letterhead and includes name, address & contact details
• Traveler’s Full Name, Date of Birth/Age and Passport Number (as per passport bio-page)
• Type of Test (MUST state PCR or RT-PCR)
• Date of Test (ideally time also, as people have faced issues with airlines when there has been no time of testing annotated)
Note: Strongly advise you to ensure that the standard time format of Day-Month-Year is used ie. 14-03-21, 14-03-2012, 14 March 2021. Other formats, in particular the US format of Month-Day-Year, may cause confusion and have resulted in travelers being denied check-in/boarding/transfer.

Step 3: Check with your airline if they offer document pre-check and upload files prior to checking in.

Most airlines now offer a pre-check of documents and this is something we highly recommend that everyone does. You upload your documents on a website and the airlines will verify them. This will make check in and document verification a faster process.

Files to upload:
Proof of vaccination - 2 doses, travel after 3 weeks of second dose
Negative PCR Test

Step 4: Arrival in Cambodia

As you disembark and enter the terminal, the process starts.

Verify your documents

Documents to verify:
Passport (valid for 6 months after departure)
Proof of vaccination - 2 doses, travel after 3 weeks of second dose
Negative PCR Test
Health Declaration Form (given to you on your flight)
Immigration Form (given to you on your flight)
Custom Form (given to you on your flight)
Boarding Pass(es)

Once your documents have been verified, move on to Immigration and Luggage Collection.

Prior to leaving the airport, take a Rapid Covid Test

You will be given a rapid covid test

Your documents (same as listed above) will be checked again

Move to the waiting area while results process (about 10-20 minutes)

After your results have been reviewed, and you are negative for covid, you will be free to leave the airport.

Step 5: Enjoy your time in Cambodia!

(this is for US passport holders, if you carry a passport from another country, please reach out to Kaanect to confirm Cambodia entry details)

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