May 9, 2022

COVID & Travel: What Is It Like To Travel To Vietnam Right Now?

Planning on taking a trip to Vietnam? Our travel coaches give you insight into what it's like to travel there right now, and what COVID-19 regulations may still in place in that country.

The specifics:
Here are the details of what you need to know to enter Vietnam now and what to expect if you test positive for COVID-19 while traveling.

Entry requirements:
Valid passport
Proof of port entry and exit
Valid Entry visa issued or e-visa issued
PC-COVID app installed on your mobile phone - link here: PC COVID app
Health declaration submitted. Use the link:
Travel/medical insurance purchased with a minimum liability cover of $10,000USD valid for COVID-19 treatment
Proof of negative COVID test result, either from RT-PCR/RT-LAMP (within 72 hours of arrival) or rapid testing (within 24 hours of arrival) certified by the competent authority of the country where the test is performed. *Note, children under 2 years old are not required to be tested.

Required during stay:
Self-monitor health for ten days after arrival
Notify health authority if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID during your travel in Southeast Asia:
If you have booked a trip through us, we can assist you to inform the local authorities and hotel team. You can self-isolate (stay in your room, or designated hotel area), and we will coordinate with the hotel team to care for your needs and itinerary changes as required. Once a negative PCR test result is received, you can continue on with your trip. If there are serious symptoms needing specialist medical assistance, then we will coordinate with the hotel and authorities to transfer you to the best local hospital to continue care for you.


Now that you know the specifics, here’s the info you should know from a travel expert about what it is like to travel in Vietnam at this time.

Vietnam is fully open for US travelers that comply with the post-pandemic entry and travel requirements as outlined above.

As the country has opened up, the main highlights such as the Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Night Markets, local restaurants - are open and everyone on the ground is working really hard to make sure that the experience of the visit is as good as ever.

Hotel wise, luxury properties are up and running at the caliber which one would expect at that level. These properties had investment through the pandemic and were able to hold on to a lot of employees, which has really helped in the quality remaining high.

Budget hotels and properties (3 stars and under), are struggling right now to come back online and have the quality of service they offered before. We expect these properties to see improved quality and more staffing in the next few months as travel rebounds, but at this time, we’d recommend guests look within their budget to see if they can stay at a higher level hotel for a more consistent quality experience.

Train travel within country is also seeing an impact, with less frequent departures. Again, we expect this to adjust over the next few months as demand increases.

In these first few months we all need to extend our kindness and patience as everyone emerges from closed borders. Office teams are proactively expanding again and refreshing their knowledge in readiness for excellent service, but responses may remain a little slower than pre-pandemic times at present whilst everyone ramps up again.


If you have any questions about travel in Vietnam right now, or for travel in the upcoming months - book a free 30 minute travel coaching call today!

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