August 15, 2022

Wanderlust And Magic: From Travel Coaches At Kaanect

by: Heidi Bloomer

For the average traveler, realizing their next best trip will mean researching and choosing between countless of “hope for the best” options. While most people are perfectly capable of doing the leg work and booking on their own, let’s be honest. You wouldn’t approach your finances this way by making random guesses on investments, so why would you approach your vacation time in this manner?

Vacation planning, like financial investment, is an art and requires a certain skillset.

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Just as a financial advisor would help manage your assets and portfolio, I will ensure you get maximum value and return on your travel investment. I have acquired a wealth of information in my lifetime of travel. My passion is helping you sort through what an ideal travel experience would look like for you, and then sharing information with you to make it the best it can be! Save yourself the headache of reading countless unverified reviews to make sure your vacation is a success. I give my clients undivided attention, timely communication, and honest reviews based on first-hand experience. And if you want to hire a travel expert to help you book (or simply just take another to-do item off of your list), I, or one of Kaanect’s valued travel partners, would be happy to assist.

I value a good recommendation and am conscientious when sharing my experience because of how it reflects on Kaanect, my personal “brand” and values, and the potential impact it could have for someone else. If I receive lackluster service at a five-star property, I’ll give you a balanced and fair review. If I discover above-and-beyond courtesy from a local bakery and they just happen to make the most decadent buttery soft croissants… you are going to know the local head baker by name. I’ll help make the connection so you can enjoy fresh pastries for breakfast on Vacation Day One.

When I travel, I seek out these types of special experiences to guarantee memorable vacations. I also keep a curious mind to find off-the-beaten path gems, and this has rewarded me with several incredible experiences to draw from and many new friendships to share. I can’t wait for you to experience the wanderlust and magic that awaits!

A quick note on our big and beautiful world: The pandemic of these past couple years taught me just how quickly life and plans can be upended.

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Our world is physically huge and at the same time, it feels small and extremely interconnected to me. The pandemic reiterated how important it is to be on top of changing guidelines and requirements. It also reminded me that self-care is not self indulgent. Self-care is essential to mental health and emotional well-being. We are best able to care for others when we manage our own stress. Sometimes this means delegating, asking for help, and yes, taking that much needed trip. There are safe and smart ways to make it all happen! I prioritize safe and healthy experiences and work well with others who share those same values.

So, whether you are seeking a carefree weekend getaway stateside, an opportunity to deepen connection and create memories with family abroad, or aiming to increase your understanding of the world through cultural immersion, I have done and can help with each of these things!

Let’s connect and create your next best holiday.

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Whether you're looking for the best way to travel Southeast Asia or just want to try out a travel coaching consultation, Kaanect with one of our travel coaches below.
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