Belize Take Me Away - Travel to Belize

I met Patricia of AbsoluteBelize at a Wendy Perrin conference in January of 2020, just before we all went into […]

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Is Thailand Open To Tourists? Phuket Reopens!

Great news for those of us who have been waiting to return to Thailand! As of today, tourists from 66 […]

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The Anxiety of Post COVID Travel - Advice from Our Travel Expert

Confession time: I have always found traveling stressful. That’s right, from that first solo trip to Australia at 7 years […]

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Possibilities and the “new normal” of travel

The day we have been waiting for is getting closer and closer. We will be traveling again soon, but the […]

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Notes from the Myanmar resistance

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has had a long history of military rule. After gaining its independence from Britain in […]

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A shift of focus

Vietnam closed its borders early in 2020 and to say it has been a challenging time for the tourism industry […]

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On the ground in Laos

When the COVID-19 virus was first identified in China and then began spreading around the world, Laos was largely spared […]

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COVID through a Cambodian lens

It has been over a year now since COVID-19 first spread in Cambodia, and the unexpected pandemic began changing the […]

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Lessons learned

You never know what is going to happen until it happens. That’s one of the bigger life lessons that I’ve […]

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Preparing to welcome guests back

Travel Exclusive Asia is a dynamic destination management company built by two entrepreneurs with decades of experience, who realized that tours in the region […]

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Looking toward the light

What a year! It is strange going through something that you could never have imagined. The first time I heard […]

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Meet Our Partners: Cranky Concierge

Cranky Concierge is the world's premier air travel assistance company, and we wouldn't travel without them. They'll help find the […]

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Welcome to KAANECT

It's here! We are so excited to announce that our new website is up and running as of today. You might know […]

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Journeys Within our Community

Journeys Within our Community (JWOC) is proud to partner with Kaanect to support our student sponsorship program. JWOC was co-founded […]

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