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There’s a reason why here at Kaanect we have a team of founders versus an individual visionary. It’s because no matter how good an idea is, you need the right people around you to help you critique it, flesh it out, and bring it to fruition.

The Kaanect Ideas team brings together diverse viewpoints and experiences, while creating an open and engaging atmosphere where your great ideas can take flight. We’ve witnessed first-hand the power of purposeful idea generation sessions – versus unguided “brainstorming” meetings that conclude without a clear mandate – and we understand the value that an outsider’s perspective can bring.

Everyone has great ideas within them. Sometimes you just need a little push and a positive dialogue to articulate them and put them into action.
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The Kaanect IDEA Difference

Using a combination of life coaching and purposeful brainstorming techniques, and drawing on our team’s years of entrepreneurial success, our Kaanect Ideas coaches will bring out the best ideas you have and then support you in the next steps toward making them a reality.

For those who know they want to create their own small business, define an idea, or seek out a solution, we're here to help.

One Hour Idea Generation Coaching SessioN

With Idea Generation we believe that two minds are better than one, and for your session you’ll meet with both Andrea and April. During this hour we’ll ask powerful questions, listen, evaluate patterns and provide an outsider’s opinion. Our technique is fluid, human and has been incredibly successful for personal and professional growth. 

During our coaching session we will help you understand and define your idea so that at the end of the call you have the tools to move forward down your newly defined path. 

We know this concept is outside of the norms and that quantifying success in idea generation is hard to do. Because of that, we’re offering a money back guarantee on the session.
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$350/month (6 or 12 month subscriptions)

Monthly Idea Generation Subscription

You’ve had your first idea generation session and realized the power in talking out your thoughts with a supportive and experienced team. You now know how helpful this can be and want to keep the momentum going. Our monthly Idea Generation Subscription is designed to provide you with inspiration, accountability and supported planning from generated ideas.
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We understand Idea Generation is a completely new concept and that you may want to know more before you sign up for an Idea Generation package. If you want to learn more about Idea Generation, we offer a Free 30 minute informational Idea Generation call, where we can help clarify your initial questions and chat more about what Idea generation is. To schedule your free intro consultation, click here:
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TEam idea generation

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IDea Generation COACHES

Who You’ll Be Working With

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