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Kaanect was born as a coaching company and a way to offer individuals and businesses a chance to look at their personal journey with a new perspective – to add purpose and embrace passion. Kaanect Coaching is the overarching umbrella we’ve spread over the Kaanect brand. It’s the idea that given powerful questions and space to reflect, we all have the knowledge we seek inside of us. One on one life and executive coaching allows people to take the time to get to know themselves better, to talk through challenges and to start to envision themselves as who they want to be.
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The Kaanect COACHING Difference

Life and executive coaching are a newer concept and it helps to explain what it isn’t. This isn’t therapy, you don’t have to lie on a coach and go into your childhood challenges. It’s also not business consulting...but if you want marketing tips, client retention strategies and time management skills, we are unique in that we offer that too.. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client, working to better understand who you are, what drives you, what challenges you and how to be authentically you!

At Kaanect Coaching our coaches come from unique backgrounds and offer different perspectives. We believe that conversation and self reflection can unleash incredible potential and as coaches we take out roles very seriously. Whether dealing with a transition in life, looking to grow in a professional setting, or just feeling stuck, we have both one on one sessions available, or packages available to address specific challenges.
Kaanect Coaching is about connecting you to yourself!

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If you want to learn more or aren't sure which of our life coaches the best fit for you, schedule an intro call with us. We offer a Free 15 minute intro life coaching session, where we can help clarify your initial questions and advise which of our coaches will best support you and your coaching needs. To schedule your free intro consultation, click here:
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Please take a look at our menu of options and decide what suits you best!

Transition Coaching
Ten, weekly, 1 hour sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone

Life is full of transitions, whether by choice or by necessity, we are constantly having to reevaluate, adapt and evolve. These transitions often help us reexamine where we are and force us to develop and grow as individuals. Some transitions are expected, like marriage, graduation, starting a family, or a cross-country move. Some are less expected, like job loss, divorce, or the death of a loved one. Others sneak up on you like menopause, empty nesting, and aging.

Whether the transition is welcome or unwelcome, sudden or gradual - the transition can often feel overwhelming, frightening, and uncomfortable.

Our 10 session Transitions Coaching Packages can help you adapt and cope with the challenges of transitions by determining what is important for the next chapter of life. Regardless of the change, Transitions Coaching includes examining passions, values, strengths, and core beliefs while uncovering limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that block growth and fulfillment. Transitions Coaching packages will help you find the hidden gifts in the transition to work toward personal fulfillment and graceful transformation by defining goals and creating a plan to make them a reality.

Transition Coaching is for:
• Divorce
• Career
• Empty Nesting
• Loss
• Peri-menopause/ Menopause
• Relocating
• Blended Families
• Parenting and infant, child, or adolescent
• Aging
• Marriage/ New Relationship
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The Real Self Care Coaching
Four, Weekly, 1 hour sessions via, Zoom, Skype or phone

You can’t get on social media or read a magazine without hearing about the latest self care techniques...bubble baths, mani pedis, a staycation, etc. But the true self care is taking time to get to know yourself better...your purpose, your passions, your values and your goals. By opening up a space of self discovery we give ourselves permission to inspect, learn and evolve. This four-session package is designed to give you the space to get curious, take time to define what matters, and reconnect with yourself. Examine, experiment, and explore to clarify your perspective and design goals powered by your most authentic self. Walk through the thought-provoking process of self-awareness to question old stories and habits holding you back from having your most authentic and passion-filled life.
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Mind and Body Transformation Health Coaching
Eight, Weekly, 1 hour sessions via Zoom, Skype or Phone

The body follows the mind... Every damn time. Too often, we are at war with our bodies instead of in partnership in creating a beautiful life. Mind and Body Health Coaching will help you take steps beyond diet and exercise to examine what you really want from your health and wellness. The answer doesn’t lie in hours on the treadmill, a specific diet, or limiting calories. The answer is in connecting with what you really want. This eight-session coaching package will help you explore your health and wellness goals in more depth than you ever have before. You’ll create a compelling vision for your health and examine limiting beliefs keeping you from having the health you desire. Through healthy habit change, goal setting, and accountability, you’ll re-learn to prioritize yourself, fall in love with your body and your life.
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Career Coaching
Six, Weekly, 1 Hour sessions via Zoom, Skype or Phone

Are you successful in the “perfect” job, but still feel miserable, exhausted and unhappy? Maybe you have skills that aren’t being developed or used and want to figure out how to leverage those talents. Perhaps you’re dealing with a difficult boss or coworkers and want to reflect on ways to manage the situation. Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself in an entirely new career or start your own exciting venture.
In this 6 session package, you will learn to curiously step back, connect with your core values and beliefs to set career goals that bring you joy, reward, fulfillment and success in your professional life. Recognize that we spend much of our lifetime at work and finding your true purpose and infusing your passions can help you get the most out of whatever that next step is.
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travel specialist coaching 
Eight, Weekly, 1 hour sessions via Zoom, Skype or Phone

The last year and a half has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but for those of us in the travel industry it has been especially disheartening. While it’s hard to see the silver lining of the last 18 months, we believe that this hiatus from travel and the resulting boom in the coming years is an incredible opportunity. As we all start back to work now it’s important to reflect on the challenges of the pandemic, but also the insights, lessons and growth we’ve gotten from it. Has your vision of what you want to offer to your clients changed? Are you toying with the idea of your business structure changing? What lessons do you want to take with you moving forward and how do you want to show up as travel gets back underway? In this 8 week package we will explore the pain of COVID, the lessons learned from it and the goals and adjustments for the future. We have been given an incredible opportunity to reinvent ourselves, our business and the industry, we just need to take advantage of it!
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A lá Carte/Personalized Single Session Life Coaching
one, 1 Hour sessions via Zoom, Skype or Phone

You have an idea of what you want in your wellness, career, relationship, fitness, and life. Still, you would like to get some direction, support, and strategies to get moving. This single session gives you the space to get curious and explore possibilities and address limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from taking the next step. You don't need to dig too deep to find what you're missing. You just need to take a peek to get some clarity and insight. Sometimes one empowered, and intentional conversation can help you create a life that sets your soul on fire.
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