Karen Caton

Part cheerleader, part truth bomber, Karen will support you while you challenge your old stories and find your voice and power so you can live your best damn life. Self-discovery is the adventure of a lifetime. Her mission is to provide a safe place for you to get curious, create insight, and uncover the magic already inside you to make some good stuff happen.
Coaching Philosphy: It’s essential to look at your life through a kaleidoscope instead of a microscope. Space for empowered and intentional conversation challenges our thinking and creates insight and self-awareness, making an authentic, kick-ass life inevitable.

Favorite Coaching Topics

  • Better Broken: I have been there: overwhelmed, uninspired, depleted, lonely, and broken. Don't get me wrong. I looked like I had my shit together, but I was crumbling, fragmented, disconnected under my smile, and imposter syndrome had me in a chokehold. Old habits and stories kept me from being the coach, entrepreneur, partner, friend, athlete, mother, and woman I wanted to be until life coaching helped me discover that cracks and fractures are my magic.

    I am a life and wellness coach that helps clients embrace the idea that we are better broken. Life events, challenges, changes, transitions, and even the good stuff impacts us. We chip, crack, fracture, and sometimes shatter: Every single one of us, and we go to extreme lengths to hide it. My gift is helping people discover the strength, resilience, and magnificence of their cracks and how to find beauty in our messy, magical lives. Through insight, intentional conversation, and empowered action, I help people share their authentic selves with the world by transforming negative and habitual thoughts into creative fuel to fill the inevitable cracks of life with gold.

  • Soul Care: We have managed to make a mess of self-care, especially as women. Transforming the concept of self-care into soul-care, taking it beyond the external, commercial, and capitalistic, is one of my favorite topics.

  • I love challenging self-care myths like:
    Self-care is optional
    Self-care requires resources greater than what you have
    Self-care is anything that pampers and soothes you, like massages, bubble baths, and get-a-ways
    Self-care means making a choice between yourself and other people you care about
    Self-care is supposed to look similar for everyone and include yoga, meditation, and journaling.
    Self-care has to be EARNED

    There's nothing better than blowing these myths out of the water and helping clients create soul-care rooted in knowing your value, boundary setting, and building a life that you don't need to escape.

  • Health, Fitness, and Movement: My work as a life coach began as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so I love to coach clients about movement, fitness, and health. With thirty years of experience in the fitness and wellness industries, I know that achieving physical goals is only possible when addressing the mind and heart. Movement, exercise, and nutrition can be powerful tools in developing strength and confidence when you make your body your ally, not your enemy. Understanding your body story and your motivating factors are the cornerstones to a healthy relationship to health and fitness. I have had to navigate my relationship to food, fitness, and my body. I had to learn how to listen to my body and decide what "healthy" meant to create sustainable practices that felt empowering and authentic. I love watching clients throw out disempowering thoughts and develop fitness strategies genuinely aligned with who they are.

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Andrea loves all things travel, she is happiest when she’s on her way somewhere! She lived in Cambodia for 10 years and loves to coach travelers on the best way to see, experience and KAANECT in these amazing countries.
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    April is the type of person that always gets you the perfect birthday present! She just senses what you want and then puts her own personal spin on it. This same empathy transfers to her travel coaching, at the end of each coaching session you feel you’ve received the perfect gift!
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    Jen is passionate about cultural travel and health and wellness. Having lived in the Middle East for 5 years, Jen is excited to help her travelers explore this exotic region of the world!
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    Tara is an outdoors adventure enthusiast. From backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to waterfall hiking in Laos, to hike-bike-rafting in Peru, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to trekking in Nepal and Romania, to road tripping around Utah seeking out the best trails... exhilarating travel adventures have shaped Tara's perspective and are what make her heart sing.
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    Naida has a passion for making each holiday unique, magical and completely stress-free. Naida is the Oz behind the curtain- while you experience the magic, she's the one creating it through a lot of hard work behind the scenes! Naida’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to bring your dream vacation to life, there is no problem she can’t solve and as she always says “there is no dream too big, and no detail too small”
    Michelle Schomp
    Michelle has been traveling around the world full time with her young family since 2016. During that time she has organized her family adventures in over 50 countries on all 7 continents while also building a business that she can operate from anywhere.
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    • Conscious Consumerism
    • Unique Travel Experiences with Kids
    • Long Cruises (2 weeks to 2 months)
    • Working while Traveling

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