I have had the pleasure of knowing April on a personal level for many years before ever working with her professionally. She is one of the most kind, compassionate, and authentic people I have ever met - she wants nothing more than to see others happy and succeeding in life. However, April is also incredibly intelligent and business savvy. I believe this dynamic set of skills is very unique and it sets her apart from the rest of the business world. I recently began working with April on a professional level and I am so impressed by her knowledge and experience. I have been wanting to open my own business for years now but I had no idea where to start. April immediately knew where to begin and broke everything down into manageable steps. She is always available to answer any questions that arise along the way and to provide encouragement when I start to doubt myself. Without her support and guidance, my business would still be just an idea that never came to fruition - I’m so grateful that April helped me to turn my dream into a reality

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