What is Travel Coaching?

In its simplest form, travel coaching is a one hour conversation with a travel advisor and expert that sets you up for success as a traveler.

a travel coach varies 
from a travel agent

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When planning trips, the ultimate focus of most travel agents is on the end result the agent wants to see - generally a commission - which leads agents to recommend the properties and trips that result in the best financial return. While there are some great travel agents out there that put in the work to book the best trip, the focus on the financial end result impacts their suggestions. 

The beauty of coaching is we've moved the financial incentives to the front end of the trip. We monetize our services because that allows our travel advisors to provide advice that’s truly based around the client’s needs.

Some of the end results of coaching are:

Referring the client to one of our incredible travel partners or a local tour operator that specializes in the region the client realizes is right.
Suggesting the client book independently and then giving resources for them to make that happen.
Putting together an itinerary for them ourselves, if it's in an area of specialization for the coach.
By having the traveler pay up front for the coaching time, travel coaches are happy to suggest the trip that is the best for the client. That one-hour coaching conversation builds a foundation for the trip that can then be built on by a travel specialist, by the client themselves or can be used moving forward by the client as they book trips in the future. 

As travel coaches we also believe that helping our clients get to know themselves better allows them to book a trip that's perfect for them. 

We all have an idea of the type of traveler we want to be - whether we are influenced by the media, by travel influencers, by our friends. But their trips and what makes them happy - or the version of that they show on social media - might not be who WE are as travelers. 

As travel coaches we want to help clients understand what type of traveler they are so they can then avoid all the noise and book a trip that's right for them! In the end, travel coaching is really life coaching for travelers: allowing clients the space to get to know themselves better; to be aware of the options; and to work out the who, what, where, when and how of the perfect vacation!
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If you want to learn more or aren't sure which travel coaching session is right for you, let us know. We're here and flexible and we love the idea of helping people design their best trip ever. We offer a free 15 minute intro session with a travel consultant where we can help clarify your initial questions and advise which coaching session would be the best fit for you. To schedule your free intro consultation, click here:
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You are planning a family vacation and want to make everyone happy, but you’re not sure where to go or what to do, and how to make it the most memorable trip possible.


You have a destination you want to go to, but fear of the unknown keeps holding you back.


You’re planning your honeymoon and you want to understand what works for each of you and how to plan the perfect start to the rest of your lives.


You want to make sure your trips are having the most positive impact possible, but you’ve heard you shouldn’t visit orphanages or give money to beggars on the street, so you’re scared that if you try to help you’ll be doing something wrong. A travel coach can help you determine how to travel with an active philanthropy mindset.


You are actively planning a trip to a destination that one of our coaches knows intimately, and would like to talk through the trip and see a custom itinerary. Options include Southeast Asia, Japan and the Middle East.


Alternately, you want to travel independently to one of the countries our coaches specialize in, and you just want to pick their brains, get all their good advice, and then head out and book it on your own.


You have decided to move overseas and are trying to get your head around the process and how to make the most of travel while you’re there.


You want to make travel more of a lifestyle rather than just two weeks a year.


You want a five year plan so you know where you’re going when and can know that you’re making the most of the next five years of travel!


You know where you want to go, but you aren’t sure who the right travel specialist to work with would be. We get to the bottom of who you are as a traveler and connect you to the right regional specialist to plan the perfect trip.
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