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In simplest terms Travel Coaching is a paid one hour conversation with a travel coach/specialist that helps you learn more about who you are as a traveler and then supports you with information, resources or travel planning so you can have the best trip possible.

Kaanect Coaching Packages

Travel Coaching
Spend an hour on the phone with one of our travel coaches discussing your next trip of a lifetime!  In this one-hour coaching session we will get to the bottom of what type of traveler you are, what inspires you in life and travel, and how to use this self-awareness in planning your best trip ever. Whether you have an idea of where your next adventure will lead, or you just know you need to get out there, this call will be the foundation for that next adventure and all those that follow. There is never any pressure to book with any particular company or property, only a supportive expert whose only goal is to ensure your next trip is amazing.
Cost: $350
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Honeymoon Coaching
There is something wonderful about starting your new life together with an amazing adventure. Our travel coaches love to work with honeymooners to help you determine each of your travel styles and how those can mesh together into the best trip possible. Using powerful questions and our own travel experiences and insight our coaches will help you get to know each other better as travelers and then help you focus on where you want to go, what you want to do and who you should be working with to make your version of the perfect honeymoon a reality!
Cost: $350
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Family Travel Coaching
Between all our coaches we've been helping families plan travel for over 100 years! And we've all been on the road traveling with our own kids for even longer! Our coaches have a wealth of information when it comes to family travel...how to please the whole family, how to find accommodation that will make everyone happy and how to weigh all the various options to come up with the best trip for your family! Looking at expat family travel or full time family travel, we have coaches that live those lifestyles and are amazing resources as you embark on those adventures too.
Cost: $350
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Southeast Asia Travel
Spend an hour on the phone with one of our Southeast Asia specialists discussing the ins and outs of Southeast Asia Travel. Our Southeast Asia Specialist Travel Coaches have over 15 years experience planning Southeast Asia trips for all types of clients, so this is truly their area of expertise. What does your dream trip look like and how, when and where can it be realized? You say you like to rough it... Does that mean a luxury tented camp on the banks of the Mekong, or a homestay where you pluck your own chicken in Northern Vietnam? You say you like luxury...is that a minimalist Aman property tucked away from the crowds? Or does luxury to you mean an ice cream bar and every channel available on the TV? You say you like to be active...is that a 45km hike in Myanmar sleeping overnight in homestays? Or a leisurely bike ride away from the crowds at Angkor Wat? During our coaching session we will help you understand and define all of these so at the end of the call you have the tools to book the best trip possible for you! Whether you want to travel independently or see a personalized itinerary, this call will set you up for the trip of a lifetime in one of the best places on earth!
Cost: $350
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Independent Travel
Many of us like to travel independently and of course there are thousands of resources online to help us plan that trip, but sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees and to separate the wheat from the chaff. As travel agents we would feel inclined to push our past travelers to an itinerary we had designed and curated as we knew we could make it the perfect trip...but for many travelers, this isn't their ideal style of travel! As an independent traveler you want to book your own hotels, arrange your own activities and let a little serendipity into your trip. As travel coaches we are so excited to be your partner in this. A one hour phone call with a specialist travel coach for where you want to go can give you the foundational information and ideas that will allow you to really develop the best trip possible...your planning and bookings, our expertise and advice! It's the perfect combo for those people that want to go it alone...but make sure they do it right!
Cost: $350
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5 Year Travel Plan
After the last two years of Covid we are all feeling a wanderlust above and beyond our usual desire to escape and explore! We've lost a couple of years and are trying to figure out how to get our travel plans back on track and often we're looking at big life changes...kids growing up and heading to college, elderly parents whose travel styles might be changing in the coming years and our own transitions to new jobs, retirement and all the things that life brings us. Having a five year travel plan allows us to look ahead, take these life events into account and make a plan to take advantage of what we can do now, what will work for later and feel in control of our adventures. This also allows us to  share with our family and friends so they can be part of it! Nothing is set in stone, but the five year plan allows us to plan out what will work best for us and our families and, with early planning, take advantage of the best rates so we know we're setting ourselves up for travel success!
Cost: $500
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If you want to learn more or aren't sure which travel coaching session is right for you, let us know, we're here and flexible and we love the idea of helping people design their best trip ever. We offer a Free 15 minute intro travel coaching session, where we can help clarify your initial questions and advise which coaching session would be the best fit for you.
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As travel coaches we want to help clients understand what type of traveler they are so they can then avoid all the noise and book a trip that's right for them! In the end, travel coaching is really life coaching for travelers: allowing clients the space to get to know themselves better; to be aware of the options; and to work out the who, what, where, when and how of the perfect vacation!
Andrea loves all things travel, she is happiest when she’s on her way somewhere! She lived in Cambodia for 10 years and loves to coach travelers on the best way to see, experience and KAANECT in these amazing countries.
Andrea Ross
April is the type of person that always gets you the perfect birthday present! She just senses what you want and then puts her own personal spin on it. This same empathy transfers to her travel coaching, at the end of each coaching session you feel you’ve received the perfect gift!
April Cole
Tara is an outdoors adventure enthusiast. From backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to waterfall hiking in Laos, to hike-bike-rafting in Peru, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to trekking in Nepal and Romania, to road tripping around Utah seeking out the best trails... exhilarating travel adventures have shaped Tara's perspective and are what make her heart sing.
Tara Buffington
Jen is passionate about cultural travel and health and wellness. Having lived in the Middle East for 5 years, Jen is excited to help her travelers explore this exotic region of the world!
Jen Barnaby
Naida has a passion for making each holiday unique, magical and completely stress-free. Naida is the Oz behind the curtain- while you experience the magic, she's the one creating it through a lot of hard work behind the scenes! Naida’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to bring your dream vacation to life, there is no problem she can’t solve and as she always says “there is no dream too big, and no detail too small.”
Naida Dizdarevic
Michelle has been traveling around the world full time with her young family since 2016. During that time she has organized her family adventures in over 50 countries on all 7 continents while also building a business that she can operate from anywhere.
Michelle Schomp
Heidi's passport is overflowing with stamps from almost 30 countries in all parts of the globe. She combines her wanderlust for exploring this beautiful world, exceptional project management skills, and desire to connect deeply with those around her, as she counsels and advises on "must-experience" travel opportunities both stateside and internationally. After living abroad in Tokyo and Shanghai for 3.5 years with her family, her passion for learning via travel and experiences keeps expanding.
Heidi Bloomer

Travel Partners

Often at the end of a Travel Coaching conversation it makes sense to connect our travelers with travel specialists in the region they've determined is best for them. Our partners are a curated group of travel specialists that we know will take the foundation and knowledge our coaches have helped pull together and turn it into a grand adventure.

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