Heidi Bloomer

Heidi's passport is overflowing with stamps from 30 countries in all parts of the globe. She combines her wanderlust for exploring this beautiful world, exceptional project management skills, and desire to connect deeply with those around her, as she counsels and advises on "must-experience" travel opportunities both stateside and internationally. After living abroad in Tokyo and Shanghai for 3.5 years with her family, her passion for learning via travel and experiences keeps expanding.

Travel Philosphy: By using our curiosity and desire to explore, we can do more than just travel - we can experience the world, while growing our purpose, and coming 'home' with a bigger perspective on life.

Favorite Coaching Topics

  • As a lover of travel - whether it be friends, family, kiddos, solo, or otherwise, I am thrilled to be of assistance in many different scenarios.
  • After living abroad and traveling to 13 countries in the region, my passion for travel in Asia has grown immensely. If your bucket list includes travel in Southeast Asia, and you need advice on anything from Cherry Blossom season in Japan, a beach vacation in Indonesia, preparing for the Maldives, or navigating all of China's visa requirements - I would be thrilled to walk you through it all. Together we will make your vision become reality.
  • Perhaps you'd like to visit somewhere exotic, but have no idea where - it would be my pleasure to discuss the endless possibilities, narrowing them down into workable options that you can further explore. Thinking about a Disney resort worldwide or cruise, but feel like it may be too chaotic or not educational enough - I am happy to help. I look forward to sharing my experiences and expertise to help ensure that your holiday becomes the holiday of your dreams.

Favorite Countries

Cambodia, China, Japan, and the Wonderful World of Disney!

Favorite Itineraries




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Andrea loves all things travel, she is happiest when she’s on her way somewhere! She lived in Cambodia for 10 years and loves to coach travelers on the best way to see, experience and KAANECT in these amazing countries.
  • Southeast Asian Travel 
  • RVing
  • Family Travel
  • Travel philanthropy
    April is the type of person that always gets you the perfect birthday present! She just senses what you want and then puts her own personal spin on it. This same empathy transfers to her travel coaching, at the end of each coaching session you feel you’ve received the perfect gift!
  • Culinary
  • Family travel
  • Philanthropic travel
  • Honeymoons
  • Wellness and spiritual
    Jen is passionate about cultural travel and health and wellness. Having lived in the Middle East for 5 years, Jen is excited to help her travelers explore this exotic region of the world!
  • Africa Travel 
  • Middle East Travel
    Tara is an outdoors adventure enthusiast. From backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to waterfall hiking in Laos, to hike-bike-rafting in Peru, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to trekking in Nepal and Romania, to road tripping around Utah seeking out the best trails... exhilarating travel adventures have shaped Tara's perspective and are what make her heart sing.
  • Backpacking
  • Active travel
  • Budget travel
  • Responsible travel
    Naida has a passion for making each holiday unique, magical and completely stress-free. Naida is the Oz behind the curtain- while you experience the magic, she's the one creating it through a lot of hard work behind the scenes! Naida’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to bring your dream vacation to life, there is no problem she can’t solve and as she always says “there is no dream too big, and no detail too small”
    Michelle Schomp
    Michelle has been traveling around the world full time with her young family since 2016. During that time she has organized her family adventures in over 50 countries on all 7 continents while also building a business that she can operate from anywhere.
    • Family travel
    • Responsible travel
    • Conscious Consumerism
    • Unique Travel Experiences with Kids
    • Long Cruises (2 weeks to 2 months)
    • Working while Traveling

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    • Air Travel Assistance
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