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At Celebrated Experiences, we are pleasers. We are obsessively detail oriented. We’re passionate perfectionists who think we have the best jobs in the world. It’s simple: we want you to love the UK, Ireland and Italy as much as we do. Our job is complete when we receive amazing feedback from our clients about a trip we have personalized. This is what we live for!


I think the key difference between being a “good” or “great” travel provider - is being able to take your knowledge and connections in a region and then be able to deliver a flawless experience in the booking and planning process. Many travel agents have travelled to a location a bunch of times and can tell you all about it, but at the end of the day - do they have those personal relationships established at the places you want to book, and can they make the booking process easy for you? Let’s be honest, most of the time they fall short of greatness in the actual booking process. At Celebrated, they have decades of experience and relationships on the ground, and when it comes to the booking process - they’re perfectionists. And I like to have the person booking my travel be a perfectionist ; ) They offer that perfect combination of travel spirit and travel sense.


Top Reasons to Book with Us
Our Relationships
Our friendly and warm relationships with hotels, restaurants and guides ensures our clients receive VIP treatment and superior experiences.

Our Experience
Our Experts have slept in the beds, eaten the meals, met the guides, walked the villages, enjoyed special experiences and will use that knowledge to help plan the perfect trip.

Our Knowledge
Our knowledge of the destination and its properties ensures that our clients end up in the perfect hotel room, not just the perfect hotel. We also point you toward off-the-beaten path highlights beyond simply checking popular tourist boxes.

Our Access
Leveraging our relationships and insider knowledge, our clients gain access to special sites and unique experiences.

Our Perks
Our clients receive Celebrated Perks (special amenities) and VIP treatment when we book their hotels. Also, breakfast is always included, and WiFi is always free.

Our Process

Our trip planning process is fun, educational and enriching. We love to get our clients as enthusiastic about our destinations as we are!

Our Attention to Detail
Our team is obsessed with getting it right. We check and recheck every aspect of a trip from confirming connecting rooms and extra beds to making dinner reservations and booking the perfect golf tee time that flows well with the itinerary.

Our Standards
Our aim is to constantly evolve and improve. As such, as we are always in search of great new hotels and guides. We also are not afraid to drop hotels that do meet our tough standards.

Our Documents
Our travel documents are simple and easy to understand. We also include descriptions of our favorite sightseeing highlights in each area to be visited.

Our Commitment to Give Back
For every hotel room night we book, we donate $1 to great causes such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Make-A-Wish and more. We are proud to have donated over $44,000 in 2019.

Who You’ll Be Working With


Andrea loves all things travel, she is happiest when she’s on her way somewhere! She lived in Cambodia for 10 years and loves to coach travelers on the best way to see, experience and KAANECT in these amazing countries.
  • Southeast Asian Travel 
  • RVing
  • Family Travel
  • Travel philanthropy
    April is the type of person that always gets you the perfect birthday present! She just senses what you want and then puts her own personal spin on it. This same empathy transfers to her travel coaching, at the end of each coaching session you feel you’ve received the perfect gift!
  • Culinary
  • Family travel
  • Philanthropic travel
  • Honeymoons
  • Wellness and spiritual
    Jen is passionate about cultural travel and health and wellness. Having lived in the Middle East for 5 years, Jen is excited to help her travelers explore this exotic region of the world!
  • Africa Travel 
  • Middle East Travel
    Tara is an outdoors adventure enthusiast. From backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to waterfall hiking in Laos, to hike-bike-rafting in Peru, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to trekking in Nepal and Romania, to road tripping around Utah seeking out the best trails... exhilarating travel adventures have shaped Tara's perspective and are what make her heart sing.
  • Backpacking
  • Active travel
  • Budget travel
  • Responsible travel
    Naida has a passion for making each holiday unique, magical and completely stress-free. Naida is the Oz behind the curtain- while you experience the magic, she's the one creating it through a lot of hard work behind the scenes! Naida’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to bring your dream vacation to life, there is no problem she can’t solve and as she always says “there is no dream too big, and no detail too small”
    Michelle Schomp
    Michelle has been traveling around the world full time with her young family since 2016. During that time she has organized her family adventures in over 50 countries on all 7 continents while also building a business that she can operate from anywhere.
    • Family travel
    • Responsible travel
    • Conscious Consumerism
    • Unique Travel Experiences with Kids
    • Long Cruises (2 weeks to 2 months)
    • Working while Traveling

    TRAVEL Partners

    • Air Travel Assistance
    • Belize
    • Greece
    kaanect travel partner
    • Wellness
    • Conservation Tours
    • Manta Rays


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