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A new concept, travel coaching is the evolution in trip planning! April Cole and Andrea Ross have been planning vacations for over 20 years. They've lived, breathed and loved travel and been recognized for it! Over the pandemic they looked at where travel was going and felt that the role of travel agent, or travel specialist was due for an upgrade and they pioneered the idea of Travel Coaching. The truth is there is so much information out there...expert lists, google searches, amazing articles, all those influencers, but in the end, travelers really just want to connect with someone that will help them realize their next best trip. Sometimes planning a trip can be overwhelming, but talking through it with a travel coach can relieve the stress and help clarify what the best options are, as well as make sure you're getting the best value for your money. With that in mind we've curated an amazing team of travel coaches. Specialists in their own right, that are also trained to ask the powerful questions that will help get you to your next best trip. The cool thing is that these calls don't have a set outcome, the results depend on what is best for the traveler! Whether you want to travel in Southeast Asia or explore the UK -- we can make your dream adventure a reality. 

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WHat We do

The Results of a Free 30 Minute CalL


Referring you to one of our incredible travel partners  or a local tour  operator that specializes in the type of travel and destination coaching reveals to be right for you.


Putting together a customized itinerary for you ourselves, if it's in an area of specialization for our travel coaches.


Schedule a follow up paid hour travel coaching call to support you with all you need to book your trip independently. 


Schedule a one hour coaching call. This call can be to work with a coach to determine who you are as a traveler, develop a 5 year travel plan that allows you to look ahead, or even be life coaching to set you up for a transformative trip. A travel coaching call can be designed just for you.


As travel coaches we want to help clients understand what type of traveler they are so they can then avoid all the noise and book a trip that's right for them! In the end, travel coaching is really life coaching for travelers, allowing clients the space to get to know themselves better, to be aware of the options; and to work out the who, what, where, when and how of the perfect vacation! If you're interested in Southeast Asia travel packages or want to explore somewhere new, we can Kaanect you with the right coach to help you plan your trip.
Andrea loves all things travel, she is happiest when she’s on her way somewhere! She lived in Cambodia for 10 years and loves to coach travelers on the best way to see, experience and KAANECT in these amazing countries.
Andrea Ross
April is the type of person that always gets you the perfect birthday present! She just senses what you want and then puts her own personal spin on it. This same empathy transfers to her travel coaching, at the end of each coaching session you feel you’ve received the perfect gift!
April Cole
Tara is an outdoors adventure enthusiast. From backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to waterfall hiking in Laos, to hike-bike-rafting in Peru, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to trekking in Nepal and Romania, to road tripping around Utah seeking out the best trails... exhilarating travel adventures have shaped Tara's perspective and are what make her heart sing.
Tara Buffington
Michelle has been traveling around the world full time with her young family since 2016. During that time she has organized her family adventures in over 50 countries on all 7 continents while also building a business that she can operate from anywhere.
Michelle Schomp
Heidi's passport is overflowing with stamps from 30 countries in all parts of the globe. She combines her wanderlust for exploring this beautiful world, exceptional project management skills, and desire to connect deeply with those around her, as she counsels and advises on "must-experience" travel opportunities both stateside and internationally. After living abroad in Tokyo and Shanghai for 3.5 years with her family, her passion for learning via travel and experiences keeps expanding.
Heidi Bloomer

Travel Partners

Often at the end of a Travel Coaching conversation it makes sense to connect our travelers with travel specialists in the region they've determined is best for them -- from Southeast Asia travel to tours of Europe and back again. Our partners are a curated group of travel specialists that we know will take the foundation and knowledge our coaches have helped pull together and turn it into a grand adventure.

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